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Annual Home Roof Maintenance Guide

Annual Home Roof Maintenance Guide

Your roof is a significant investment that requires regular maintenance to ensure it provides effective protection from the elements and maintains a comfortable living environment for your family. Owens Corning Roofing offers a comprehensive annual roof maintenance checklist to help keep your asphalt shingle roof in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.

Roof Maintenance Checklist – 11 Chores:

  1. Clean Gutters (Every Fall):
  • Ensure gutters are free-flowing and securely attached.
  • Pay attention to areas where gutters meet the wall at right angles.
  • Consider installing kick-out flashing or gutter splash guards in vulnerable areas.
  1. Limit Moss & Algae Growth (Every Fall):
  • Address environmental factors contributing to moss and algae growth.
  • Treat with a solution of chlorine bleach and water if necessary.
  • Utilize products like StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance Protection on Owens Corning shingles.
  1. Remove Nearby Tree Branches (Every Fall):
  • Trim branches to prevent damage to roof granules during windstorms.
  1. Clear Off Organic Debris (Twice a Year or More):
  • Remove debris from trees to prevent shingles from staying in contact with moisture.
  • Use a broom or leaf blower for gentle debris removal, avoiding tools that may dislodge granules.
  1. Make Sure Nearby Wall Cladding and Windows Are Watertight:
  • After heavy rain, check for areas remaining moist or showing wet streaks.
  • Inspect windows for warping or loss of caulk, potential sources of moisture infiltration.
  1. Inspect Flashing:
  • Ensure a watertight seal where roof planes meet, such as around chimneys or vent pipes.
  • Look for rusted, dented, or missing flashing components.
  1. Examine the Soil Stack:
  • Check vent pipes for a rubberized gasket, ensuring proper sealing against the elements.
  1. Beware of Ice Dams:
  • Be vigilant during snowy and cold conditions to prevent ice dams.
  • Ensure proper attic ventilation and insulation to limit ice dam buildup.
  • Consider ice and water barrier products for enhanced protection.
  1. Confirm Open Ventilation:
  • Check intake and exhaust ventilation vents for proper functionality.
  • Ensure airflow is unobstructed by insulation, stored items, or insect hives.
  1. Connect Dryer and Bathroom Vents Directly to the Outside:
    • Ensure proper venting of moisture-laden air from dryers and bathrooms.
    • Check dryer hoses or ducts for cracks and secure attachment.
  2. Avoid Downspout Discharge on Roof:
    • Ensure downspouts cover the entire span from one roof level to another.
    • Avoid runoff flowing over the same roof section to prevent granule dislodgement and algae stains.
    • Direct all water discharge away from the foundation of your home.

Safety Considerations:

  • Prioritize safety before engaging in any roof work.
  • Some tasks require professional assistance to ensure proper completion.
  • Roofing contractors are familiar with hazards and can identify overlooked issues.

Minimizing Roof Traffic:

  • Limit foot traffic on the roof to avoid scuffing off granules and potential damage.
  • Asphalt shingles are coated with granules that protect against UV degradation.

Regular Roof Maintenance:

  • A properly installed asphalt shingle roof, when regularly maintained, is a reliable system that can last for years.
  • Regular maintenance helps protect your investment and identifies warning signs of potential issues.

By following this comprehensive annual roof maintenance guide, you can contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of your asphalt shingle roof, saving time and money in the long run.


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