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We use the highest quality roofing materials


Residential Roofing

We’re partnered with Owens Corning! Through research and development Owens Corning manufacturers most of the top asphalt shingles in the market. Innovations such as SureNail Technology keeps Owens Corning ahead of the pack. Owens Corning works with contractors and consumers vigilantly to improve products all the way down to the color. Lastly, Owens Corning has the industries best warranties.

Roof Replacement

The Aurora Roofing Co. specializes in Owens Corning asphalt shingle installations & replacements for all types of roofs.

Roof Repair

The Aurora Roofing Co. excels in Owens Corning asphalt shingles for top-notch roof repairs of all kinds.

Roof Inspections

The Aurora Roofing Co. performs extensive roof inspections. Our reports are highly detailed and illustrated.

EPDM, TPO, Modified-Bitumen

The Aurora Roofing Co. specializes in all commercial roofing products. Our manufacturer certifications provide industry-leading warranties for materials and workmanship.

Lifetime warranty on labor

Beyond the Manufacturer-Held Material & Labor Warranties we also provide a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

Commercial Inspections

Through thermal imagery, drone imagery, moisture reading tests, & roof field inspections, The Aurora Roofing Co. provides industry leading inspection services.


Commercial Roofing

The Aurora Roofing Company is certified with the top commercial roofing manufacturers and provide industry leading extended warranties. From inspection solutions to complete replacements The Aurora Roofing Company has you covered!



We’re partnered with The Gutter Girls! Completely Mobile, The Gutter Girls specialize in on-site seamless gutter fabrication in all colors. With the ability to fabricate 5″ gutter runs & 6″ (Over-sized) gutter runs, we can install a gutter system for all roof types & colors!

High-Quality & Customizable Gutter System

Our gutter systems are fabricated on site and are seamless. Our wide variety of colors provides endless opportunities. We provide 5" & 6" gutter systems.

Gutter Guards Keep Your Gutters Debris Free

Gutter cleaning can be a pain, time-consuming, and dangerous. The Aurora Roofing Company has many options available to guard your gutters.

Ice Damming Prevention

The Aurora Roofing Company provides many products to counter ice damming during the brutal months. Heat cables, mats, and other accessories can be found on our shop for purchase or contact us for a customized solution and Installation.

Powur Solar an industry leader

Powur Solar offers high-quality monocrystalline solar panels. Powur's panels last from 25 to 40 years and feature an efficiency range of 20.1%–30%. This rate is higher than the average rate of 15%–20%.

Financing & Leasing

Powur Solar provides many options to fit everyone's budgets from financing equipment to leasing the equipment.

State & Federal Tax Incentives

There are many tax incentives federally and on a state level depending on your location. Contact us to discuss applicable tax incentives for your area.


Solar Systems

Were partnered with Powur Solar to provide solar solutions to all of our clients. State & Federal tax incetives/credits make going solar a no-brainer. Consulations are free and financing is available! Contact us to get started!