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Solar Roofing

We’re Partnered With Powur Solar To Provide Seamless Solar Solutions


Explore Sustainable Energy Solutions

Embark on a greener future with The Aurora Roofing Company as we introduce our solar services to complement our renowned roofing solutions. Our Powur Ambassadorship seamless process ensures a hassle-free transition to clean, renewable energy for your home. From initial assessment to the final activation, we guide you through every step, making the switch to solar a smooth and rewarding experience.

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Tailored Home Solar

At The Aurora Roofing Company, we believe in personalized solar designs that align with your specific needs. Our expert engineering team at Powur Solar meticulously plans the integration of solar panels into your existing roof, ensuring maximum efficiency. With only a minimal percentage of homes requiring additional work, we offer flexible solutions, allowing you to make informed choices that fit your budget and energy goals.

Effortless Solar Install

Count on The Aurora Roofing Company & Powur Solar to navigate the complexities of permitting and installation with ease. Once your personalized solar design is perfected, we kickstart the permitting phase, securing necessary approvals from local jurisdictions. Our swift installation process is seamless, and we prioritize keeping you informed at every stage. Following a thorough inspection, we promptly apply for your “permission to operate” from the utility. Soon enough, your home is effortlessly powered by the sun, courtesy of The Aurora Roofing Company & Powur Solar.